NJBA Conventions

Since September 2001, I’ve been heavily involved with the New Jersey Broadcaster’s Association (NJBA). Over the past 11 years, I’ve donated much of my free time and assistance to this important non-profit, broadcast organization as member of its annual convention committee. I have also served as convention committee chair and currently hold a seat on the NJBA board of directors.

As a member of the annual NJBA convention committee, I’ve been responsible for planning and executing this annual event held in Atlantic City, NJ; including all dining and entertainment. From the streets of Italy to game shows, the slide deck below features a few images of some of the different convention themes over the years.

Learning Tower of Lira 1

Leaning Tower of Lira 2

Italian Stilt Walker

Planet Hollywood Soft Toss

Shake, Rattle and Roll

NJBA Planet Money Print Ad

Royal Carribean Money Drop

Mystery Tic Tac Toe

Deal of No Deal Prize Table

Convention Prize Winners

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